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I'm a freelance journalist in Sydney.

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Insight windfall web 1280x720 article
SBS World News Australia

Mo' money, mo' problems: What happens when you get a windfall ...

Coming into money ought to be a good thing, right?

Insight sexual harassment web 1280x720 article
SBS World News Australia

Where do women draw the line on sexual harassment in the ...

Calling out sexual harassment in the workplace can be a difficult thing to do. And some are going to great lengths to avoid making an official complaint.

26anger article
SBS World News Australia

Taming my anger was the biggest challenge: Mark Geyer | SBS News

Fiery NRL legend Mark Geyer says anger was a huge driving force during his footy career, and while his aggression was both a benefit and a curse, experts say anger is a key tool for training athletes.

Ins 030315 holroyd discovery v3 article
SBS World News Australia

Holroyd High: The school of hope for refugee students | SBS News

This week, teenagers open up about life at Holroyd High, a western Sydney school giving kids from all backgrounds a second chance.

Insight puppy love web 1280x720 article
SBS World News Australia

Does your dog really love you? | SBS News

It's tricky enough to measure love between humans, so how hard is it to quantify love in your canine friends?

Ahmed merabet 010 article
SBS World News Australia

#JeSuisAhmed pays tribute to killed French policeman | SBS News

#JeSuisAhmed is the latest Twitter hashtag to trend after the Charlie Hebdo attack in honour of the slain policeman Ahmed Merabet.

Dsc 9799 article
SBS World News Australia

North Korea film festival screens Indigenous-Australian film 'Mystery Road', sells out | SBS News

One filmmaker's recent travels to North Korea showed him its people are not only hungry for Western movies, but well versed in screen language too.

1420680951079 article
SBS World News Australia

Queensland man wearing 'I'm with stupid' T-shirt arrested on campaign trail

A man wearing an "I'm with stupid" T-shirt was charged with public nuisance during the Queensland state election campaigning on Thursday.

20091109000275344571 original article
SBS World News Australia

Eighties flashback: What Australians loved in 1988-1989 | SBS News

With the release of the National Archives cabinet documents of 1988 and 1989, it feels like an apt time to revisit some of the fashions, inventions and iconic moments that defined the period.

5 01 2015 5 41 47 pm article
SBS World News Australia

'Slap her' viral video shows young boys' reactions to violence ...

A video from Italy showing how boys react to the subject of violence against women has become an internet hit.

20100119000292830544 original article
SBS World News Australia

Boxing Day Bucketlist: What to do on December 26

Looking for something to do this public holiday? Here's our guide on how to spend the day after Christmas.

24 12 2014 11 26 24 am article
SBS World News Australia

Bill Shorten urges Australians to reach out to others in Christmas address

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has echoed the Prime Minister's sentiments in a Christmas message calling on people to reach out to those who are 'doing it tough'.

18 06 2014 3 03 44 pm article
SBS World News Australia

Should the family home count in eligibility for the aged pension ...

It's widely thought that older Australians got off lightly in last month's Budget, but exactly how generous are their entitlements?

SBS World News Australia

Cross-cultural dating: Why are some people only attracted to one ...

When it comes to romance, the world around us is full of choice - but do you find yourself only dating a particular type?

SBS World News Australia

Surrogacy: Gift of life or exploitation? | SBS News

Does surrogacy reduce women to breeders and children to objects that can be exchanged? Some people are calling for commercial surrogacy to be banned.